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Japanese Word Of The Day

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Hello everyone!

This is a community for Japanese students, any level. I'll post a new Japanese word every day in kanji, kana and romaji, along with an English translation and sometimes an example sentence. I'm going to try and select words from multiple vocabulary levels, beginner to advanced, so hopefully we can all learn something new.

Please do:
~ Post a sentence featuring the daily word, if you can
~ Ask questions pertaining to the word
~ Point out any errors (nicely, please!)
~ Email me suggestions, especially slang as I'm afraid I have trouble keeping up with it

Please do not:
~ Post a word yourself
~ Ask for translation help-- there are many communities for this purpose
~ Spam-- any off-topic posts will be deleted
~ Flame-- we're all learning here

About me (kappamaki): I'm a senior at the University of Washington in Seattle, majoring in Japanese Literature, and hopefully headed to grad school to study Edo-period lit next year. I lived in Nagoya for several years and my most of my maternal family lives in Tokyo. My Japanese is definitely not perfect, so if you see any mistakes please contact me or leave a comment.